Amplitude Academy of Diving has multiple training options available.

While the goals and training modalities vary by level, providing high-level instruction in a fun and safe atmosphere remains our focus for all athletes.

Age Group


** 2 Practices Per Week** 

Our focus is to HAVE FUN and learn while doing so. Divers in this group are learning the fundamentals and required skills. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!!


** 3 Practices Per Week** 

Divers who have learned the required fundamentals and skills in the beginner class will be moved into this group or the Advanced group. This group will focus on amplifying those skills and learning the required dives.


** 4 Practices Per Week** 

Divers who show they have a good understanding of the basics and fundamentals as well as having the required dives. This group will continue to focus on amplifying those skills and dives while learning higher DD Dives.

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High School

**Up to 5 Practices Per Week**

This group is catered specifically to the high school divers that wish only to compete and work towards their high schools dive lists. These divers will not be required to train or learn anything on 3-Meter, instead they will put 100% focus on being the best high school diver they can be! 

Competitive team

Competitive Team

**Meets 5-6 Days Per Week** 

The competitive team is by invitation only and is limited based on group sizes and skill level. In order to be considered for competitive team you must be selected by a coach as well as perform all get an individual evaluation based on skills and required dives for your age group! Please speak with Matt directly if you have any further questions.