We love the sport of diving and want to share it with the world. It is our goal to treat athletes as family, protect them at all costs, and create a positive and memorable experience for them. Diving is our passion and avenue to affect change on the youth and families in our area we are so fortunate to.

High-Level Training, Low-Pressure Environment

We offer high-level training in a low-pressure environment that focuses on the physical and personal development of young people.

Research shows early exposure to a variety of activities boosts the overall skill and development of young athletes. We follow the data and thus have built our program to introduce athletes to the sport using our levels model as the building blocks for future success. This creates a defined plan that allows us to track progress and development using more than just competition.

While most divers enter the sport at a recreational level, at AAD they will receive elite-level instruction from highly-qualified and experienced staff to ensure a safe environment, proper skill development, and opportunities to learn and grow in the most meaningful ways.


Our mission is simple: To ensure athletes have fun, learn, and engage daily. We believe in creating an environment that develops young people and helps them reach life goals, not just athletic goals.